Hello HackingBytes!


Here it is, my blog is eventually ready and online!

After a long time spent setting things up, I finally have my own self-hosted website.

This blog will hopefully collect tutorials, how-tos and infos about projects I’m involved in but also considerations and random thoughts on general topics.

Being keen on many IT projects and interested in learning something more about the World Wide Web I decided to get my hands in the dirt and set up my own private server. I already needed an online place to publish my work and building up everything by myself turned out to be fun and really instructive.

Looking for an inexpensive solution I decided to invest 35€ in a Raspberry Pi. Bought the Raspy, I downloaded the latest Arch Linux ARM image and installed the packages I needed. Done. I had a small, low power and silent machine ready for my purpose.

My Raspy currently features this website, a paste bin, a URL shortener, a private Owncloud instance and much more thanks to an Nginx HTTP server.

Running my own SMTP Server also allow me to receive directly E-Mail messages addressed @hackingbytes.com.

Last but not least, on my home LAN I can share documents across computers and different systems via Samba and play music with MPD.

Perhaps I will explain in detail how to set up and run those services in future posts or how-tos.

At the moment I’m working on a small 12 Volts UPS which should keep running my home router and Raspy for at least a couple of hours - hopefully a little more - in case of AC power failure. I’ll publish some schematics as soon as I find time to build and properly test it.

Stay Tuned and add this website to favorites if you like it!