Bio & Curriculum Vitae

Physics student, educator and IT enthusiast.

Here’s a short list of remarkable facts about mystelf, for further information, you can download my detailed Curriculum Vitae or, even better, vistit my LinkedIn profile (in Italian, english version in progress!).


  • Became vice director and editor of “PiGreco”, my school paper.
  • Joined EYP Italy, having been selected with a well documented work on Italian energy production history and a position paper on possible future energy policies.
  • Took part to the Valerio Filippini Prize and internship at API Varese. I had the chance to work in the field of energy efficiency for business. In detail:
    • energy profile analysis
    • electricity costs reduction and tariff optimization
    • renewable energy policies and subsidies
    • photovoltaic systems feasibility, investment costs and profits.


  • Earned a bronze medal at national physics olympics, in Senigallia.
  • Graduated from liceo scientifico L. da Vinci in Gallarate with final score 80/100.
  • Won another internship, thanks to Valerio Filippini Prize, at Agusta Westland for a week. I learned the basics of helicopter design and vertical flight. I also visited the design offices and production facilities in Cascina Costa (Varese).
  • Started collaborating with FOAM13, an astronomical observatory in Tradate, whose interests also embraced education, scientific publication and astronautics. I had the chance to work with telescopes, CCD cameras, mounts, astronomic software and earn important technical skills in the field.
  • Went to Finland, in Tampere, as a journalist for a regional event of the European Youth Parliament.


  • Began developing AstroLab, a C++ application for astronomic images manipulation e stellar fields analysis, as part of a university project.


  • Obtained an “on call job” as a guide and science educator at Science Museum L. da Vinci in Milan.
  • Worked as a junior system administrator at LCM (physics dept. at my university), managing a Debian cluster and promoting IT & FOSS culture among students at physics department.


  • Started a collaboration with AstroNatura. I work as teacher and explainer with students and visitors at the astronomical observatory of Tradate. I am also responsible for operating telescopes and technical instruments during night sky observations.
  • Organized a series of conferences at physics dept. The event, called “LCM OpenLab”, was meant to introduce several IT tools and applications useful to students. I managed to find colleagues available to give the talks, supervised and promoted the events and also conducted one of the activities. More in this article.
  • Worked with SterrenLab as a teacher for a robotics camp. I spent a week in Rapallo with 30 kids, organizing activities and tutoring them. A detailed description in this post.
  • Wrote a 25-page report on the overall energy production and use over time in the People’s Republic of China. The report itself is in Italian and available here. The results are given by a detailed analysis of the IEA annual reports and aggregated data. The work itself was prepared for an academic class in Fundaments of Energetics and gained me full grades.



  • Signed up for a MSc in Mathematical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.
  • Supperted the organization of an introductory astronomy course. The course was held by prof. Federico Manzini in collaboration with FOAM13 and Astronatura. Here’s a poster and a landing page I’ve designed to promote the event.