The author

Stefano Balzan, MSc student and IT consultant, in my 20s.

Fond of technology in general, anything ICT related, electronics and making. Passionate about passionate about teaching and astronomy since forever.

I hold a BSc in physics and have a strong background in computer science.
I’m currently interested in the field of data science and AI, which I’m exploring through my MSc program and personal projects.

I love spending my free time outdoor, hiking or sailing.

Take a look at my CV and detailed bio if you want to learn more.
Feel free to send me an email at stefano.balzan@gmail.com, ping me on Telegram or reach out IRL.

The website

A static personal site and blog built with Jekyll, private Gogs and Nextcloud.

Everything is self-hosted on an Odroid C2, a small ARM board running a full LEMP stack. I personally maintain the server and often use it to host personal projects and experiments.

It started as a random experiment with a Raspberry B+ I had laying around at home. At the time I was working a sysadmin side job and wanted to play around with my own server, setting it up from scratch.

Over time I ended up buying a domain, installing a web server and configuring all the services I needed. Eventually I moved onto more powerful hardware: a 1.5 GHz quad-core 2GB RAM Odroid board.
That’s all it takes to host a personal website. Some could even argue it’s an overkill :)